Dubs in the Middle VW Show FAQs


Due to Covid 19 the show will be postponed to 2022 (26th – 30th May 2022!)

All tickets will transfer across to the new dates.

We, regrettably will have to scale back the show slightly to help recover the huge financial loss of postponement. The changes are only temporary for one year and will be:

1. No skate Ramp

2. Day tickets increased to £7.50

3. 25 bands instead of 30 bands

4. 2020 wristbands will be used as they are too costly to reprint/sew

5. No prize money for show n shine/Rust n Rat

Can I bring my dog?

Yes!  Dogs are welcome at Dubs in the Middle.  However, in the interests of public safety and hygiene please ensure that your dog is well controlled, on a leash at all times, and that you pick up any poo!

Do you allow Firepits?

This is a hard one! We would rather gas fire pits, however we understand that traditional fire ones are preferred. However, you MUST have a slab underneath and any grass damage will incur a £50 on the spot fine.

Can I buy my ticket on the gate?

Day tickets are only available on the gate for £10 per person.

Weekend Tickets will be on sale IF we have availability but the show does usually sell out – they are £60 on the gate.

Can I bring alcohol to the event?

Yes!  You may bring your own alcohol to the event so long as it is in a non-glass container ie. in a clearly marked can or plastic bottle.

Is there space for an awning?

Yes, however if you don’t need it please save space as we are a busy show!

Is there water on site?

Yes, we have a water supply by the shower (halfway down the road on the left) and one at the bottom of the road on the left (just before the haulage yard)

Is there showers?

Certainly are! They are £4 – this price applies to everyone.

Can I bring any other pets?

Yes within reason.

We have a regular visiting tortoise!

We have had a cats and some baby parrots too.

Please do not bring deadly animals such as snakes, spiders and scorpions!

Can I bring weed, herb, smoke?

Please refrain from bringing any drugs, this is a family friendly site and drugs are illegal!

Is there medics and security on site?

Yes, We have both 24 hours a day, contact numbers are in the show guide provided at the front gate!

Are glass bottles allowed on site?

No! Lots of kids, animals and people without footwear on!

What time do the gates open?

Thursday Early Entry is from 3pm and you pay your £10 on the gate!

The gates are open from 10am on Friday

The gates open at 9 am Saturday and Sunday and stay open until after the last band at 11pm.

You can gain access until 10pm (if you have been caught in traffic please explain to the gate staff and I am sure they will let you in.)

What is the fancy dress?

This year we are going all out on fancy dress;

Thursday Night is Onsie Party

Friday Night is Prom Night

Saturday Night is Back to School

Sunday Night is Where’s Wally?

2021 will be same themes!

Can I get a refund?

Sadly not, all our tickets are sold as non-refundable.
In the event of a show postponement please note that all tickets will be transferred across to the following year.

If you are unable to make the show we will always try to resell your tickets on, on your behalf. Once the new same has been made we would then issue your refund.

Can I enter show n shine?

Of course!

Turn up by midday and request a form at the gate or info point.

Can I bring my caravan?

Yes, but no huge tourers please as we are limited on space!

We do charge an additional £40 for caravans .

Are generators allowed?

Now this is a tough one!

We do allow them BUT you must be considerate to the people around you otherwise you will be asked to turn it off. So make sure noone complains about you and your generator.

They must be off by 10pm

Lets be honest, nothing worse than the constant hum of a generator all day.

What’s on Thursday?

We will have the bars open, three bands, funfair, limited traders and  catering.